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A Promise to Love? The Possibility of the Catholic Wedding Vows

One of the fun things about being Catholic is that some of our prayers are a bit scary when one stops to ponder them. I’m not talking about prayers that only a few of us actually get around to praying, such as … Continue reading

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The Supreme Court and Christian Glory

Today the Roman Catholic Church celebrates the Solemnity of Sts. Peter and Paul. Church tradition tells us that both Peter and Paul suffered martyrdom. Peter was crucified; however, at his request, he was crucified upside down, since he felt unworthy … Continue reading

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Cinderella and the Magic of Virtue

As I think you can gather from the movie posters, Kenneth Branagh’s new adaptation of Cinderella is live-action–with, of course, a good measure of CGI thrown it. It is Cinderella, after all; did you really want her to show up … Continue reading

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The Hunger Games, and Conditional Necessity

My wife and I are in agreement that The Hunger Games: Catching Fire was somehow better than the first Hunger Games movie. I am still trying to figure out why. There were many things wrong with it, both cinematically and … Continue reading

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Why humility is not a deadly sin, with Aristotle and Descartes

In Part One of his Discourse on Method, René Descartes offers a low appraisal of the work of ancient moral writers: “I compared the writings of the ancient pagans that deal with morals to very proud and very magnificent palaces that … Continue reading

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Better than the book? A review of Ender’s Game, UPDATED

Because this not my dissertation, allow me to inflict upon you a needless biographical aside: I was ready–so very, very ready–to be annoyed by the recent film interpretation of Ender’s Game. First of all, it stars (albeit in a supporting … Continue reading

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Star Trek: different sorts of darkness

As I am told by Wikipedia, the subtitle of the latest Star Trek film (“Into Darkness”) reflects the “indecision” and “crisis of leadership” of the young Captain James T. Kirk. But I would here like to briefly highlight two other … Continue reading

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