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What is Right, and Wrong, about the HHS Mandate

My second post on this topic in a row, I know. But why not? We philosophers could be political pundits if we wished; it is just that we are normally too busy contemplating the mysteries of the heavens, cleaning off … Continue reading

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Consider ye the speed bumps of the road

Well, in the words of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, the “big waste of time” that was Senator Ted Cruz’s 21-hour speech in the U.S. Senate finally ended shortly after noon today. In case you have been hiding under a … Continue reading

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The Necessity of Pascal’s Wager

For part of my Philosophy of God class on Monday, we discussed the “Wager” of the 17th century French mathematician and philosopher Blaise Pascal. It occurs in Part III, §233 of his work Pensées (“Thoughts”). Although it generally gets lumped … Continue reading

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Fixing the human being: Robert Spaemann vs. Peter Sloterdijk

Below is a full translation of a previously untranslated 1999 article by Robert Spaemann, his contribution to what is known as the “Sloterdijk debate” or the “Sloterdijk-Habermas controversy” in Germany. It was a debate about eugenics, a taboo subject in … Continue reading

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Robert Spaemann on “Gay Marriage”

Anyone who reads Retrievals with some regularity knows that I post translations of the works of the Catholic philosopher Robert Spaemann with some regularity. So far I have posted some of his articles on abortion, genetic manipulation, circumcision, and nuclear … Continue reading

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Do the unborn have a right to life? A translation of Robert Spaemann’s 1974 article.

The article below appeared as a follow-up in 1974 to Robert Spaemann’s earlier article that year on the subject of abortion, “Am Ende der Debatte um §218 StGB” (my translation is available here). In that previous article, Spaemann had rather … Continue reading

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Robert Spaemann on Abortion: a full translation of one of his 1974 articles

“An End to the Debate on #218 of the German Criminal Code”(1974) A translation of Robert Spaemann, “Am Ende der Debatte um § 218 StGB,” in Grenzen: zur ethischen Dimension des Handelns, 352-60 (Stuttgart: Klett-Cotta, 2001). The article originally appeared … Continue reading

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