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A Way to Talk to Your Family About God

How do we avoid the “prophet’s curse”?I used to teach a unit on language in my philosophy of the human person classes. The author we read gave a confident argument that language was absolutely central to the human experience, and … Continue reading

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On the Delightfulness of Children

In The Abolition of Man, C. S. Lewis offers the example of small children to show that there is such a thing as “objective value,” a goodness that things can have irrespective of whether you are too much a weirdo … Continue reading

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It’s okay to think about stuff

An important strand  in modern philosophy is the attempt to avoid error. Typically, doing so is thought to require a recognition of the limitations of our human intellect and a narrowing of our intellectual interests to what we are equipped … Continue reading

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Consider ye the speed bumps of the road

Well, in the words of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, the “big waste of time” that was Senator Ted Cruz’s 21-hour speech in the U.S. Senate finally ended shortly after noon today. In case you have been hiding under a … Continue reading

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Better than nothing: a brief primer on every parent’s new approach to life

Early on in his book On the Advantage and Disadvantage of History for Life, Friedrich Nietzsche offers the following melancholy little reflection: “Too often we stop at knowing the good without doing it because we also know the better without … Continue reading

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