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Sometimes poets don’t lie

When he wasn’t composing sonnets about prostitutes, the American poet E. E. Cummings (we capitalize his name here on Retrievals) wrote the following poem which is almost impossible not to like: i carry your heart with me(i carry it in … Continue reading

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Robert Spaemann on “Gay Marriage”

Anyone who reads Retrievals with some regularity knows that I post translations of the works of the Catholic philosopher Robert Spaemann with some regularity. So far I have posted some of his articles on abortion, genetic manipulation, circumcision, and nuclear … Continue reading

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Questioning the Question: Philosophy, Love, and Marriage

College students may hate a statistics class, but they rarely question its usefulness or value. They know it has “real-world applications,” even if they loathe every minute of it. It is not so with a philosophy class. Unlike other disciplines, … Continue reading

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The Old Testament on the Order of Love

Since it’s Ash Wednesday, why not a more theological post for a change? A week or so ago I posted an excerpt from Bleak House by Charles Dickens in order to give a literary example to illustrate a philosophical point: … Continue reading

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Ordered Love

Here’s a nice passage from Chapter Four of Bleak House by Charles Dickens, on the virtues of the great Mrs. Jellyby: ““In-deed! Mrs Jellyby,” said Mr Kenge, standing with his back to the fire, and casting his eyes over the … Continue reading

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