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Can you divide in two, then recombine? I don’t think so, loser.

Here’s a humbling thought for end of this year, and the beginning of the new one: compared to zygotes or early embryos, we are somewhat underwhelming as people. We just aren’t “all that,” as the kids used to say (what … Continue reading

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The excellence of blackberries, the mediocrity of tomatoes

In my little corner of Northern Virginia, blackberries are beginning to come into season. This is not a useful post where I tell you where the good spots to pick them are located. I don’t write those kind of posts; … Continue reading

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On a lighter note, with Aristotle and Will Smith: robots, zombies, and aliens

If you have wasted enough time on the ‘net these last couple of years, you will no doubt have run into the triple Venn diagram reproduced to the left of this paragraph. Now in philosophy, diagrams of this sort have a … Continue reading

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