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Better than the book? A review of Ender’s Game, UPDATED

Because this not my dissertation, allow me to inflict upon you a needless biographical aside: I was ready–so very, very ready–to be annoyed by the recent film interpretation of Ender’s Game. First of all, it stars (albeit in a supporting … Continue reading

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Why no one listens to you

As I often note, only rarely does philosophy have any practical value. Mostly, philosophy is what you do when you have few practical concerns–perhaps because you are a rich gentleman of ancient Athens or a modern-day tenured professor, or perhaps … Continue reading

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Boethius and the Beatitudes

Last semester I made the mistake of changing the books I taught in my class on ancient philosophy–a mistake, in that it required me to do a lot more work than I would have liked in order to master a … Continue reading

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