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Monsters University: the power of labels

Words, as Walker Percy liked to say, have a “discovering power” for us as humans. This lesson is nicely displayed in, of all places, the new children’s movie Monsters University. Monsters University is a prequel to an earlier Pixar film, … Continue reading

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A different sort of knowledge

Awhile back in a post on love I noted that one of the benefits of philosophy is that it can give one the ability–after lots of practice, of course–to “question the question.” That is to say, even the most skeptical … Continue reading

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Sometimes poets don’t lie

When he wasn’t composing sonnets about prostitutes, the American poet E. E. Cummings (we capitalize his name here on Retrievals) wrote the following poem which is almost impossible not to like: i carry your heart with me(i carry it in … Continue reading

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Packaging Abortion

Despite earlier reports, it now looks like Governor Cuomo’s attempt to expand access to late-term abortions in New York may be given separate legislative consideration from the rest of the “Women’s Equality Act.” One way or another, it should all … Continue reading

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Better than nothing: a brief primer on every parent’s new approach to life

Early on in his book On the Advantage and Disadvantage of History for Life, Friedrich Nietzsche offers the following melancholy little reflection: “Too often we stop at knowing the good without doing it because we also know the better without … Continue reading

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On the reading of Louis L’Amour western novels

Since it is Father’s Day in America this weekend, I thought I would write about one of my father’s favorite authors, Louis L’Amour. A brief word on L’Amour first, since he may not be as well known as he once … Continue reading

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On a lighter note, with Aristotle and Will Smith: robots, zombies, and aliens

If you have wasted enough time on the ‘net these last couple of years, you will no doubt have run into the triple Venn diagram reproduced to the left of this paragraph. Now in philosophy, diagrams of this sort have a … Continue reading

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