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Robert Spaemann on “Gay Marriage”

Anyone who reads Retrievals with some regularity knows that I post translations of the works of the Catholic philosopher Robert Spaemann with some regularity. So far I have posted some of his articles on abortion, genetic manipulation, circumcision, and nuclear … Continue reading

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Taking Sleep Seriously

Just when you think Western Civilization has enough problems, along comes someone to give you yet another reason to be worried. The time around our prophet of doom is Professor Charles A. Czeisler from Harvard Medical School, who informs us … Continue reading

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A Reason for Revelation

In Part One of his Discourse on Method (I’ll spare you the full 16 word title), Descartes presents his intellectual autobiography. He describes all the subjects he studied in school, noting their advantages and disadvantages. This, in itself, is an … Continue reading

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Why We Love Dogs: An Old Thought From Plato

But I will begin with Nietzsche instead, who famously liked to look for the hidden motivations behind our behaviors. For example, in a poignant passage early in On the Advantage and Disadvantage of History for Life, Nietzsche speculates that we … Continue reading

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This New Life

One of the best things about angels–at least the angels recorded in the Sacred Scriptures–is that they are never “wordy.” Truly, they are the best of messengers. They do not mumble, they do not emote, they do not repeat needlessly. … Continue reading

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Questioning the Question: Philosophy, Love, and Marriage

College students may hate a statistics class, but they rarely question its usefulness or value. They know it has “real-world applications,” even if they loathe every minute of it. It is not so with a philosophy class. Unlike other disciplines, … Continue reading

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No Community, No Christian

Allow me to begin with a rather underwhelming statement: the Ascension of Christ into heaven was a communal event. It did not take place before some individual believer with a great personal relationship with Jesus, but before the “disciples” and … Continue reading

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