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John Locke on How to Survive the End of Your World

My own post-apocalyptic interests began after the derecho this past summer in Virginia. A derecho, for the uninitiated (all of us in Virginia, prior to last summer), is fancy word for “windstorm”–not a tornado, but rather a stormfront of extremely … Continue reading

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The Old Testament on the Order of Love

Since it’s Ash Wednesday, why not a more theological post for a change? A week or so ago I posted an excerpt from Bleak House by Charles Dickens in order to give a literary example to illustrate a philosophical point: … Continue reading

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Robert Spaemann on embryonic research, part II

Here is the second half of my translation of the Die Zeit article by Robert Spaemann from November 20,, 2003: “Freiheit der Forschung oder Schutz des Embryos?” Notice especially the parallel he notes near the end of the piece concerning … Continue reading

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Deception and Greatness

Early on in Descartes’ Fourth Meditation, one encounters the following principle: “Trickery or deception is always indicative of some imperfection.” To see the truth of the principle, think about the various situations in which trickery and deception are employed: all … Continue reading

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Ordered Love

Here’s a nice passage from Chapter Four of Bleak House by Charles Dickens, on the virtues of the great Mrs. Jellyby: ““In-deed! Mrs Jellyby,” said Mr Kenge, standing with his back to the fire, and casting his eyes over the … Continue reading

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Arguments for the Existence of God

In yesterday’s philosophy class we discussed Descartes’ first argument for the existence of God in Meditation III, which has to do with the existence of the idea of God in one’s mind. In short, Descartes does not think we ourselves … Continue reading

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Robert Spaemann on Embryonic Research, part I

The 2003 Die Zeit article by the Roman Catholic philosopher Robert Spaemann that I am currently translating is quite long, so I thought I would break it up into a few smaller blog posts, of which this is the first. … Continue reading

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