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Prudence and Forgiveness

It was supposed to be a quick and minor point during yesterday’s class on Descartes’ first Meditation, but the following quote from Descartes generated quite a bit of controversy in my second class: “It is a mark of prudence never … Continue reading

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Boethius and the Beatitudes

Last semester I made the mistake of changing the books I taught in my class on ancient philosophy–a mistake, in that it required me to do a lot more work than I would have liked in order to master a … Continue reading

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Catholicism and guns: a prudential judgment

In his January 27th article in Our Sunday Visitor, Brian Fraga has prognosticated that the national conversation about gun control “will have a distinct Catholic voice with the nation’s bishops advocating strengthening regulations of firearms as a necessary component of … Continue reading

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Robert Spaemann on Circumcision

Last summer, a German court in Cologne ruled that circumcision was a crime, igniting a large public debate in Germany. The ruling has since been overruled by the German parliament, but the issue is far from settled. The following is … Continue reading

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Descartes on Groupthink . . . I think

As we worked our way through Part II of The Discourse on Method yesterday by Rene Descartes, my disciples students were appropriately horrified when he expressed the following opinion: “Book learning . . . having been composed and enlarged little by little … Continue reading

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